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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan

First thing: ''Gainey:We are satisfied, but not entirely satisfied.''

-Gainey: We came somewhat close to our potential, at the end of the year every player was committed and we were close to our potential if not right there.

-It's a combination of the development of young players and other things that will help us continue to improve.

-June is when we will seriously discuss UFAs and such. We will try to improve our team from within before looking outside.

- Goaltending controversy? How will it be solved? No answer for now says Bob. Thinks both goalies can do the job

- We need to better spend the money available to us.

- Does Huet playing in the playoffs make him the #1? Gainey says Huet earned that chance. And he made us look good by playing so well. If David had played in the playoffs it could have been the same thing. We have 2 good goalies, it's a nice problem to have.

- ''I told to the players I would try to give them indications before July 1 on our interest in them.''

- Carbo now: My goal is to make the playoffs every year in order to have the chance to win it all. You have to try and get better everyday. We have made lots of progress since January with kids who showed us great things right until the end. I haven't had a chance to see the other kids in the org. as of yet.

- That experience will help them next year. If we can add certain things, we will be able to become a real good team.

- Gotta evaluate the 25 guys who were here, who is available, who is the best fit, etc

- Some question about the francophones from Reggie Tremblay. Carbo says we had 11 guys who spoke french here on the roster we had in the POs.

- Will you go after a big talented center Bob? Bob says the key right now is to not let other teams get our UFAs. We have great support from fans, we have the ability to use the system to try and attract any player who can improve our team and community.

- Will you give Guy tips next season after coaching this year? He doesn't regret the decision to coach this year since it got him a chance to see the players and the play at ice level. But he won't interfere with Guy, despite the fact it will be tough to watch the game from the pressbox.

- ''Coaching was a good learning experience for me. Should help my decisions in the next couple of months.''

- I enjoyed working with the players, haven't heard any feedback if they enjoyed working with me (cracks a smile )

- Carbo, do you want this team to have a certain identity? It depends on your roster. I liked the way we ended the season, good environment. We had a system that was offensive minded with strong positioning and puck pursuit. Wants an agressive style, pretty close to what we had at the end of the season is what he likes. That is what I want next year. I'll work with the players Bob will give me. Up to me to ensure the 21-22 guys I have next September will do what I want them to do. He wants a united team that will show up every night. I believe in team play. Can't win with 20 individuals. Have to trust each other.

- On the assistants question, I am looking, lots of names brought to me every day. Next couple of weeks I am going to look at the names on the list. In a month the person should be named. Just gonna add a coach, every coach here will stay here.

- Kovalev didn't seem to be in a good mood yesterday, what's up Bob? Kovalev was a good addition to our team, helped young players on and off the ice, I am happy with him and his play and pretty much everything. He's part of us now and should be even better in the next few seasons.
Thanks a lot! Any specific and good comments by the LCN sports guys or RDS guys after the PC??? What kind of analysis do they make of their comments? Is there any 1 on 1 interviews with them and Guy or Bob???

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