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Originally Posted by Kritter471 View Post
Okay, I'm having a little bit of a problem with my skates, so I'm coming here to see if it's a fit thing that could be fixed with insoles or if I'm in the market for a new pair of skates.

I measured a 5.5EE when I first sized, but I comfortably wear a 6D as well with my toe just barely brushing the toecap while standing. I bought an ultra-cheap but new pair of Reebok 1Ks because at the time I was playing 3-4 times a month an still just learning.

Now I'm definitely a better skater, though my outside edges and I still have a fleeting relationship. But I've noticed (and a coach I work with has noticed) that my blades skitter/chatter instead of glide at time, especially skating backwards. I can also feel my right heel getting some lift in the boot. It doesn't move forward, but it comes up a quarter or a half inch. I also have a fairly high arch, and I get occasional foot cramps (especially going backwards) that I think come from my feet flattening out when I push hard off the balls of them.

I try to mash my heel into the back and lace the heck out of the top three eyelets to combat this, and while it helps some, it also succeeds in giving me a nice pressure rash on my ankles from the tongue pressing into my sock.

So my question is does this sound like a problem that could be addressed with a good pair of insoles that give me good arch support and make my foot "taller" so it doesn't lift off the footbed, or should I go looking for another pair of skates?

ETA: The 1Ks are probably 4-5 years old now and have a good four years of once-a-week hockey in them (now going to 2-3 times a week with a new job and new town). I guess the skates themselves could just be getting old and losing some of their shape...
insoles, like superfeet, will definitely help with your arch issue. but, in my experience, there's nothing that will help with the heel lift. considering how much use you've gotten out of your skates and how long you've had them for, particularly for an entry-level boot, sounds like you're due for a new pair regardless.
in the future, you may want to look into the supreme line as reeboks generally tend to be wider in the heel and flatter in the arch area.

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