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Originally Posted by Generally View Post
Columbus fans have a chip on their shoulder cause of LeBron. That's all.

I can't stand basketball and/or anything to do with it. You sure you haven't confused us with Cleveland?

It's an inspired accusation. I'll give you points for that. But it's about 150+ miles off target.

Originally Posted by Generally View Post
If and when you do watch the games you see a guy who scored two hat tricks, broke his ankle blocking shots, and separated his shoulder in a physical game against Anaheim.
Congrats, you've found four of 39 games. Would you like to go see the rest now?

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Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
Im not going to lie and say i watched more CBJ games than you , but i watched 7 games of Jeff carter when he was a CBJ, and from my point of view it looked like a team that was in such disarray it was hard to pick out who was trying and who was just plain bad. IN one of the games I did not see Nash go into one defensive corner the whole game. IN fact that seemed to be a theme for CBJ last year, a huge disconnect between the skilled players and the blue collar players.
This is a reasonably fair assessment of how the team as a whole played. It is still an incomplete assessment of Jeff Carter as a Blue Jacket.

Incidentally, we didn't have that kind of massive disarray until he arrived, and it departed along with him. Food for thought.

Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
Now the team is void of talent on the roster and in the minors.
Nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing we genuinely lack is proven top-line players.

Originally Posted by Jtown View Post
Very disappointing for your team , and honestly the team you are fielding this next year will be even worst imo.
Maybe in fantasy hockey. What we see is a team composed of players that look to all be on the same page - thus removing that incredible disarray element you were referring to earlier.

Quality results are not guaranteed (by a long shot ). But last overall next year is about as unlikely and improbable as making the playoffs.

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Originally Posted by porknbeans420 View Post
"it is well known that Carter was a locker room cancer"

okay so this is your rationalization. Carter is just one dude, it's nice that you can use him as an excuse as to why the Bluejackets were a major miss
This is a favorite tactic of folks who want to believe Carter wasn't as bad here as we say - claiming that we're suggesting Jeff Carter is the sole reason why we finished as badly as we did.

No Blue Jackets fan has actually suggested this, because it is blatantly untrue. He was a major contributing factor and a catalyst, but Arniel's failure to do anything with the locker-room situation other than make it vastly worse, tons of blueline injuries, and the goaltending falling apart again were equally if not more significant.

We're aware of this. Stop pretending that we're focusing on Carter because we think he's the most responsible. We don't. We tend to focus on him because nobody believes us when we say what he did.

He was a major part of bringing this team down from "mediocre with upside" to "epic disaster", whether you want to believe it or not. He was not solely responsible... but he was a major factor.

Originally Posted by porknbeans420 View Post
Yeah this is exactly what I am talking about. Carter as a cancer @ Columbus is the biggest hype job that some certain whiny bluejackets have pulled off.
You say that as though anybody actually believes us. We either get silence, or "you're lying and don't know what you're talking about", or "you deserved it because you suck".

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Originally Posted by OccupySheen View Post
also the isles offered their entire draft for CBJ to drop TWO spots sorry but for a team with as many organizational needs as CBJ it was not smart IMO to not do the trade
This is the error that most people make when suggesting that that trade should have been taken, and it's usually made without much knowledge of the state of the prospect pool here.

Perceived prospect organizational needs of the Blue Jackets: EVERYTHING because they finished LAST OVERALL and omg rebuild.

Actual prospect organizational needs of the Blue Jackets: Top-end scoring prospects, particularly anyone resembling a power forward. That's it.

For further reference as to whether or not we'd actually get anywhere with those needs using the additional draft picks we'd have gotten, I refer you to Elliotte Friedman's article on the matter.

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