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09-15-2012, 09:49 AM
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Originally Posted by DegenX View Post
Regarding the salary cap ... part of their proposal would be to allow teams to buy and sell cap space. While their current position is to move from a hard cap to a soft cap, with Fehr in the drivers seat for the NHLPA, and his constant references to how MLB works, a lot of folks expect him to start moving towards that same system.

Not so fun fact ... if there is a lockout, Fehr will be the first Executive Director to have presided through lockouts of two different sports.
I'd like to see some of the details of their soft cap proposal. Do you have a link?

Originally Posted by Gooch View Post
Last I heard the players were pushing for a soft cap similar to what the NBA has, is that not true? Also, you're being extremely short sighted with the Penguins financial situation. In the early 90's we couldve said the same thing about the penguins and we all know how that turned out once Lemieux and Jagr were gone.
No we couldn't. The Pens didn't have a new arena or the attendant revenue streams.

Sorry, as someone who has to put up with watching the Pirates in a system that Fehr seems to love I just don't know how any Pittsburgh sports fan could support the players side and what they really want. Players only care about their own bank accounts, not the overall health of the league. When a players union has too much power you end up with the MLB and that gives us such great parity as the Pirates with their 30 million dollar payroll vs the Yankees and their 215 million dollar payroll.
Not like those altruistic owners, eh?

Put it this way. Your employer makes a series of poor business decisions, and in order to recoup most of his losses, he wants to take away a huge percentage of your salary...for the second time in less than a decade. How would you feel?

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