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09-15-2012, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by Rowdy Roddy Peeper View Post
Not like those altruistic owners, eh?

Put it this way. Your employer makes a series of poor business decisions, and in order to recoup most of his losses, he wants to take away a huge percentage of your salary...for the second time in less than a decade. How would you feel?
who cares about their feelings? why do you care who is right or wrong? save your pity party for something that actually matters-- there's more than enough sad stories in the media pertaining to people who are actually enduring real suffering due to the economic climate. the "put yourself in the players shoes" argument is worthless.

i'm more concerned about what benefits the penguins.

your notion that the pens are secure is rather naive.

they had the exact same billionaire owner back when the team was about to move. burkle is not some sort of savior that is willing to lose large amounts of money on this team. ownership agreed to spend up to the cap while this team was a contender in this league, and thats it.

for all their current success and revenue, this team still lost money last year.

fine, they have a new arena. so theyll be in pittsburgh for the next 15 years or whatever the agreement was. but that certainly doesnt guarantee theyll remain a highly competitive team. the penguins simply cannot compete with the big market teams if the CBA allows such clubs to flex their proverbial financial strength.

it seriously boggles my mind that people in pittsburgh can side with fehr. mind-blowing stuff. and then side against bettman and the owners, who fought to keep this team in pittsburgh and then delivered a CBA that let this team won the cup. jesus people, do you think if the players had their way last time, the pens have a cup right now?

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