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09-15-2012, 10:23 AM
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Originally Posted by Til the End of Time View Post
who cares about their feelings?why do you care who is right or wrong? i'm more concerned about what benefits the penguins.
I want NHL hockey, but not at the cost of compromising what I think is right. The NHL needs to be accountable for its poor business practices, not simply take the players to the woodshed every CBA to pay for its money-pit expansion clubs.

your notion that the pens are secure is rather naive.

they had the exact same billionaire owner back when the team was about to move. burkle is not some sort of savior that is willing to lose large amounts of money on this team. ownership agreed to spend up to the cap while this team was a contender in this league, and thats it.
Like I said, the arena and its revenue streams changed that - the whole argument from Lemieux and Co. when the team was near bankruptcy was that the team needed a new arena to be successful. Now they have it, and it's up to the club to manage itself well enough to sustain profitability.

for all their current success and revenue, this team still lost money last year.
Actually, none of us know that, because teams don't open their books publicly. As has been posted in the Business thread, most teams use some very creative accounting when crying poor.

fine, they have a new arena. so theyll be in pittsburgh for the next 15 years or whatever the agreement was. but that certainly doesnt guarantee theyll remain a highly competitive team. the penguins simply cannot compete with the big market teams if the CBA allows such clubs to flex their proverbial financial strength.
Then the NHL ought to significantly expand revenue sharing, since they're boasting about record revenues whenever the CBA's not the main topic. Weird how that works.

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