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09-15-2012, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by DJOpus View Post
Isn't the decision on where to put your resources the GMs #1 job?

He'd rather have Luongo or Schneider but didn't want to pay the price. As a result, his team sucked, he traded away assets that would have got you either goalie (one this year, and one last year), his two best players going into last season demanded trades, and the team on paper is no better than it was last season.

Seems like a good reason to fire a GM.
That's speculative at best. Gillis would have been railroaded for trading one of Luongo or Schneider last year, and the asking price would have most likely been much higher last year than this year.

Also, to address the unquoted part of your post, Luongo is more proven than Bob or Schneider and is on the block this year. If I'm the owner of CBJ and my team has a terrible goaltending again this season, I fire the GM. Being competitive would make such a difference for the franchise and I think the owner knows it which is why they spent all that money last year (like 2k more in attendance on average per night).
Gillis was looking at a market that was primed for being able to unload one of his goalies. Tampa, Columbus, Toronto, and possibly Chicago were all looking for substantial upgrades. He hasn't been able to get a deal done with any of them, and now he's on the outside looking in.

It stands to reason that the asking price for either goalie remains obscene, in which case I can't blame any of those teams for not making a move.

For those discussing drafting, before he was GM wasn't Howson head scout?
He came from Edmonton and had no involvement in Columbus until he was hired as GM. It's also worth pointing out that Edmonton plummeted after he left (down something like 14 points on their 2000-07 average) while Columbus surged (up something like 12 points on their 2000-07 average).

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