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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
re: Perry 2010-11 is a long way removed from 2014... I basically don't care what he did in 2010 in Vancouver or in the 2010-11 NHL season. The most important question will be where's his game at in December 2013 when the team is named? As of right now, he's off my team. There's no hate here...he's either got to produce or step aside. And I say that because his game is more ideally suited for an NHL rink. Nash and Staal are the other two vets that get a little more rope because at least they can skate.

And to throw even more fuel on to the fire, I'd even take David Perron to Sochi before I'd take Perry. If numbers are more or less equal between the two then it's Parron over Perry.
All I have to say i am glad you are not the GM of Team Canada. David Perron (LOL). He is a decent player, but should not even be the discussion for Sochi. What is next? You are going to put Joffrey Lupul on the team? Perry also has speed, and is not a guy who can not skate to save his life like some others. The guy scored 37 goals last year, and somehow you and others think because he did not lead the league in goals, that he should be off the team. Glad you are not the GM. Perry will be on the team in Sochi. Yzerman mentioned the same thing in the summer how he liked what Perry, Nash, Richards and Toews did in 2010 to help Canada win GOLD.

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