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05-05-2006, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by jester099
You can't have 12 Kariyas on your team.

Sunny isn't the best player, but he's a player that helps a team in some aspect of the game.

Sure he won't fill the net, but he's a reliable defensive presence.

I really liked how he played in the playoffs for the small time he played. Always breaking the play in the neutral zone. I think he's a decent 3rd-4th line player. I'm all for giving more icetime to Pleks next year instead of bringing someone else from outside.

Just ask yourself this... if we bring Kariya in before the season, does Higgins become the player he's started to become this year ? Does he score 20 goals ? I really like the idea of building from within.

This team was in the playoffs, a couple of bad luck short of going to the second round. Kariya or not, we were a very good team.
Sorry, a "Very good team" does not lose in the 1st round, especially after winning the 1st two games.

Thinking this is a very good team will get you eliminated in the 1st round again, if you actually happen to make the playoffs.

This teams needs:

-A big centerman who can play on the second line
-More size up front - not Philly size, but some additions would not hurt.
-one stud d-man (plenty out there in FA)

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