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Originally Posted by Reesor01 View Post
Kucherov and Grigorenko for Quebec will be the 2 best Euros in the league if/when they eventually are on the ice together. But Barbashev/Jaskin will make a huge impact for Moncton.
Nikita and Mikhail are without doubt two of the best Euros, and have the added advantage of being line mates for so many years, (instant chemistry!)
At times, in the U-18 and Super series, the duo were jaw dropping.
Grigorenko was exceptional in the "Q" last year, and was only slowed down with the ankle injury, then a bout of mono in the playoffs.
(interstingly, in the UK we do not have "mono"?)
I will try and tune into as many of thier games as I can, but alas, the Ramparts radio is in French, so I am delighted that my other favourites; Jaskin and Barbashev, are in Moncton.

Talking of Imports, I must say, I am also keen to see how Martin Frk bounces back.
Last year was a total wash out.
I have heard, although is skating isnt elite, his shot sure is...although from the clips I have seen of him, Frk looks like he can fly!

Another interesting prospect is Martin Reway "The Slovakian Crosby" drafted by Gatineu.
Not too sure about his wafer thin size (although these can be very in-accurate) but his Praha U-18stats, were very impressive: 25games 21g 39a 60pts.
(Jaskins Praha U-18: 46games 28g 19a 47pts)
Team him up with Tomas Hyka, who has jets in his skates, that could be a fun duo to watch.

Its going to be a geat season...lovely to be around here, especailly as the NHL and NHLPA are doing thier best to destroy the Big Game.

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