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09-15-2012, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
Again, I didn't mean literal "average". I just meant a regular person like you or I; not Tom Cruise or some well known famous person. I meant the novelist definition of average, not the mathmatician's definition. Had I wanted to break down the definition of "Average Joe" into a statistical proof of class and marginalization than I would've said "Arithmetic-Mean Joe"...
Except you aren't using regular people they are in the top percentile of earners in the country. Hockey players work hard no doubt but I think its ******** that they work harder than average people just because they are in good shape. They make at least 2x what the average person makes in their working lives and yet people think that they have it hard? I feel for the guys in the ahl that never make it to the nhl to get their pay day but the vast majority of the nhlers make more than million a season and then they turn around and say they don't think they are making to much. Again I think the owners are also at fault but it is usaually the big owners that are screwing the 75-80% of the rest of the owners.

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