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Originally Posted by Crashsunday View Post
In this day and age, would somebody tell me why a player's union is even necessary. In what way, really, are any of the players being "taken advantage of". There was a time for unions, but that time is over.

I am 100% against the players who think that they are being treated poorly. Every perk, every trainer who tapes up their ankle or stretches them out between periods, every flight, every assistant who carries their bag for them or washes their uniform, every $10,000 per game played (at minimum) is better treatment than most everyone in the world will ever see. Cry me a river and then get back to work. It's the owners' league. Get used to it. Those who float the cash, get paid. Those who serve, don't (not as much anyway). You're an employee, if you don't like how your present employer is treating you, go find another job like everyone else or start your own business and take a risk. There's plenty of leagues out there.
The only issue i have with the what the owners proposed was rollback on current contracts. That if you ask me is completely unfair.

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