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09-15-2012, 01:40 PM
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Out of town tourist. Has a few questions

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot I searched for a tickets/city thread and didn't find anything except the what to do in Montreal thread. I'm planning on coming up to a game this year if there's a season. I saw that tickets were set to go on sale next Saturday. I also saw that the pre season ticket sale was canceled. Any locals have any incite on if there going to cancel that as well due to the impending lockout? Based on what I have read else where, and the prices on stub hub I assume that is the best way to go around getting decently priced tickets. In the event I don't win the drawing or whatever the bell centre uses to sell the tickets what's the next best alternative? I really don't want to wait around outside the arena looking for a scalper. Everything else I have figured out, there's a nice Marriott by the bell centre and I'm arriving by train so everything is right there. Any must see things in the city or must try restaurants? I'll be up there for 4 days. Hopefully everything works out and there's a season..

Sorry if there's an existing thread on this topic. My apologizes.

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