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12-05-2003, 10:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr. van Nostrin
I think the thread should end right now because this last quote sums it all up. Players win or lose games. Coaches get fired because it easier to get rid of one person than 20. I've said this before, when the Oilers were winning, didn't matter how they did it. They just won, pretty or ugly and that's all everybody cared.
Exactly. When the team is firing on all cyclinders, the players reap the credit. When the team goes in the tank, the first scapegoat is always the coach... pretty typical, just take a look around at the league and the poor performing teams of the moment. Who's on the hot seat? Maurice in Carolina (who is a good coach, by most accounts), Cassidy in Washington, Stirling in Long Island for a while (though the focus has shifted to players like Peca, now). The players need to perform. The players need to perform. Repeat that mantra, ad nauseam. Unfortunately, the armchair GMs in people call for the coach's head...

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