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09-15-2012, 01:44 PM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
The league is not making a tidy profit. Any business that is paying 57% of their REVENUE to the employees and then has large operating expenses on top of that is going to struggle to make a profit.

More revenue sharing among the owners is necessary, some of that should come at the expense of the players since it is their jobs that are being saved in the smaller markets.
As a whole, they certainly did. It is just uneven, but the league always gets their cut, and obviously the large market teams make the extra bucks. Revenue sharing will help offset a decent chunk of the costs. $250 million would actually be close to turning a profit for all, as the lower tier teams, at most, only lose like $7 million, that is excluding the Coyotes, who are ownerless and decrepit and continue to be horribly mismanaged.

They just like to whine and moan with their incredibly slanted books, the same logic that tells us that the movie Star Wars never made a profit, etc... The bottom line is, as a whole, they are pretty much taking in more than they are shelling out, the NHL is just trying to cut the costs of their own shortsightedness, inept managerial failures, and plain bad investments by burdening the players with it, even after they got their dream cut last lockout.

Bettman needs to wake up and smell the roses. His salary has increased every single year. I believe he is making close to $10 million a year now... **** him. I have little feelings for either side, but the owners are acting like they are getting run over by buses, and it is not even close. The fact that negotiations are so far apart is a colossal failure on the parts of both parties, but as I see it, it is the owners that have a need to be more lenient, they also stand to lose the most...


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