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09-15-2012, 02:19 PM
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Closing arguments:

1) I don't deny the Monarchs are a gritty team, but they lack actual size down the middle. That's a significant handicap over 7 games, not just in physical matchups but also in matters of puck possession.

2) After listing the top-6 forwards under multiple methods, it's apparent that the Polar Twins have the odd numbered players (1-3-5-7) and the Monarchs have the even numbers (2-4-6-8). That's not a huge gap, but it's a clear one and adds up over time.

3) Karakas is an average starter in this MLD, whereas Beaupre is among the weakest.

4) I maintain that Nilsson-Horvath as my #1 and #2 centers is a pairing of more demonstrably impactful players than McGimsie-Reay.

5) Winnipeg would need to have a significant advantage at the blue line to overcome points 1-4. They don't have that advantage.


Best of luck, BillyShoe.

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