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09-15-2012, 03:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Guest View Post
The more profitable owners rightfully should be more against it. Of course they would prefer the other owners in the league to pick up a higher percent of the player's share. It's an easy argument for the rest of the league to make however. The top 10 revenue generating teams (based on the Forbes 2010 numbers) would be the ones paying more under my proposal, but the bottom 20 would be very encouraging of the setup I would imagine.

What argument do the top revenue generating owners make against it? They shouldn't have to pay 50% of their revenues and the poorer teams should have to pay a higher percentage of 50%? It a very divisive deal for the owners so it has to be the PA's offer.
On the surface, I like it, Guest... The top revenue teams are also teams that want to win the cup... Want real competitive teams... I think they could be persuaded to pay more player salaries, if they benefit from something that helps make them more competitive teams - like extra draft picks or favourable rules regarding free agency... Maybe, something that makes it easier for top revenue teams to sign a sought after UFA player, and more difficult for a team outside of the top... It's that way anyways, cap space willing... But, I think if you make it formal, the top revenue teams would pay more for this benefit - maybe, make it more cap space willing for top revenue paying teams (players would like that as well)... Of course, the bottom revenue teams wouldn't like it, but there has to be give and take, IMO... Distribute entry draft order based on percentages that not only include standings, but revenue paid? Whatever it is, those who pay more should get more, IMO...

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