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12-05-2003, 11:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Trottier
Anyhow, just a friendly difference of opinion.
Absolutely.You know I respect you and feel your one of the most knowledgable and impartial guys on the board.

Peca just really got to me last night and I never liked the guy despite him shutting me up bigtime his 1st yr with the Isles.

But as with Lindros, you play a mean style that may take guys out then you will and should have that target on your own back and just like Eric if he gets crushed again by another Stevens type of hit so be it as he's been on the other end enough times and the same goes for Mike.

I was pissed about the Tucker thing and I hate Peca but never want to see that type of stuff.That being said, after all the hoopla about the whole Peca thing I couldn't believe him doing almost the same exact thing to somebody else!It blew my mind and renewed my hatred for Peca who I always felt was overated.

And say what you want about the hit last night but it may not of been an attempt to take out the knees but it was ceratinly an intent to injure as his intention was to duplicate the hit he tried laying on Holik but got some sense knocked into him when he got knocked on his a$$ when trying to do it with Holik so he wisely sought out a smaller player to send a message to but had he connected even as desired Lundy still would've been knocked silly with a concusion, possibly longterm and legal or not when you do this same EXACT play within 5 F'in minutes of eachother don't try and tell me your not looking to injure people.

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