Thread: Confirmed with Link: Tyler Ennis re-signs for 2 years, $5.625M
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09-15-2012, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Rhett4 View Post
Yep. I like that Regier shied away from what many of the GMs have been doing lately with their RFAs, and his patience paid off here in stringing Ennis along until the last day of the CBA. Nice little bridge contract here.
The only 2 guys off the top of my head that Regier did not give a good bridge contract to was Vanek and Myers. We know the deal with Vanek, and Myers is likely worth the long term deal himself. But basically Regier sets a high gotta prove yourself to be really damn important to get that rich 2nd contract from us.

Plus, if he turns around and gets a 6 year deal done next time, that's 2 more years of Ennis than if he gives the 6 year deal now like other GMs would do. Now, while the Sabres were a budget team, that was huge. But even now it has it's advantages.

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