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12-05-2003, 11:03 AM
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Let me start off by saying that Mike Peca was the one Islander that I had respect and admiration for - much like many Islander fans have for Brian Leetch. However, Bobby Holik definately hit the nail on the head by describing how Peca only looks to hit when the opposing player is off guard. He did it in Montreal last year on a Defenseman while the players' back was turned - end result was a neck strain that put him on the shelf for 2 + months. JR already explained the submarine hit that took out the players' knees and then you have last night. Last night Peca was energized and wanted badly to have an impact on the game. But in case anyone missed it, he slew - footed Kasparitis, tried to catch Holik with his head down and received a major for kneeing Lundmark. As far as the hit being dirty - I can't say with absolute confidence that it was, but based on what I just wrote - it's also very difficult to say that it was not. Was there intent to injure - that is the question. I'm leaning towards YES.