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09-15-2012, 04:04 PM
4uston Matthews
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HUT right now...smh

Jeez, did they even test this mode properly this year before they decided "Ok, this is good, lets go with this"

I can't even switch out a guy with an expired contract in my lineup for someone scratched. It only gives me the options:

Apply Consumable
Swap with My Collection
Send to Trade Pile
Remove from My Roster
Quick Sell

It's like the only way you can make changes to your team is with the line up assistant.

And earlier when I bought a gold jumbo pack I had full 60/60 consumables so I tried to send all of the rest that I got in the jumbo pack (11 of them) to my collection and it kept saying "Some of these items cannot be sent to your collection, send them individually" and it didn't even give me the option to send ANY OF THEM individually! So I had to waste all of my +5 and +4 training cards on freaking Louis LeBlanc and a bunch of other 3rd line NHL'ers until I had 11 spots open in my consumable pile so I could send them there.

EA needs to clean up their mess.

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