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12-05-2003, 11:05 AM
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Originally Posted by westcoast
Wow, way to ruin a guys career Detroit Redwings.

You act like the guy has no say in it. Never mind the fact that he plays a geme for a living and stands to make 16 mil over the next two years - never mind that. You realize all the guy has to do it say, "Screw the money" and he's a free man and can sign with anyone? At least that's what the article says. I know he's not a young man, but you have to put some responsibility on him because he has a choice. He's just too much of a wuss to part with the ungodly amount of money. That's his CHOICE. If he walked away from the money, he'd have plenty of suitors: Boston, Colorado, Carolina, Chicago, NYI, etc. and everyone here would have to respect the ******* out of him, cause it would be a ballsy move and a statement about his self-worth. But he doubts himself. And he's too attached to the money.

The Wings certainly aren't a victim, but neither's Joseph. The circumstance was unique, and the better goalie's playing. Joseph had a whole year to prove himself as better than Hasek (not an easy task), but he still has the power over his own career. He can take it back anytime he wants. He's "ruining" his own career. At least the Wings are paying him (their part of the bargain).

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