Thread: OT: NHL vs. NHLPA
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09-15-2012, 06:03 PM
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I have no desire too pick either side as they are both equally responsible for the situation.

However if I had to chose, I would be on the side of the owners and the NHL. They are after all the ones running the show. Considering the majority of these owners struggle to break even on their investments, while the average player is making well over two million dollars, I can see their distaste with the "old" agreement.

I would definitely say that the NHLPA came out well ahead as a result of the previous lockout, and the balance should be trimmed for a better sharing amongst the two parties.

With that said I do not appreciate the stance the NHL has taken in negotiations. This process should have been started a long time ago, and the hardball for the most part has been played by the owners. But again, since the players are failing to even counter offer any of the NHL's proposals they equally share the blame.

What ultimately pisses me off the most is that thousands of people with little to no say at all in the decision will undoubtedly be hurt most by the entire ordeal.

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