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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
I'm not a Baseball fan in the slightest, but the thought of a new hockey simulator is pretty nice.

Honestly, I wish EA would just port to the Web and let us run leagues online.
Yea, like EA would do something like that If they do it, it'll be all glitchy anyways. So that Franchise Hockey Manager (FHM for sure ) has some features announced. From the thread on HF.

- Dynamic news and event system (based on XML files).
- OOTP Baseball style news and storylines will feature in the game.
- Online league gameplay and commish mode will be included.
- Plenty of statistics - it is what OOTP Devs are know for after all!
- FaceGen is technically very easy to implement into the game. However, whether or not it will be implemented depends on the cost of purchasing a license for the game.
- The in-match mode will be similar to that of other text sims such as EHM and FM. The game will run with commentary for notable events. The clock can be stopped at any point in order to allow for changes of strategies or to look at player stats. This is a lot different to OOTP Baseball, but this is due to the nature of hockey.
- A 2D engine will not make it into the first version of the game. It will be a text commentary only. A 2D engine could be included in a future version depending on time and available manpower.
- The exact location of important in-match events will be displayed along with a short description of the event (e.g. shots, hits, etc).
- Player scouting reports will contain estimations of hidden attributes.
- It will be possible to trade up/down draft picks but conditional pick trades might not make it into the first version (and there are concerns over how easy it might be to fool the AI with conditional picks).
- Players will have their own personalities in the first version. Attributes will include Team Player, Ambition, Loyalty and Sportsmanship.
- Contract negotiations will be handled in the same way as OOTP - i.e. you can negotiate with players without delay, but after you have reached agreement with the player, he will wait a few days to see if a better offer comes in from another team.
- Lines will play better together if they have played with each other for some time. Constantly changing the lines can be detrimental to players' performances. The game will not however have any Team Chemistry rating per se.
- Matches will be text-based only (i.e. no 2D).
- It will be possible to play just as a GM and leave the AI Head Coach to deal with tactics and the line-up - or vice-versa. There will be three gameplay modes: GM, Coach and GM+Coach.
- Fighting will feature in game and there will be a Fighting attribute. However, the hockey gameplay is rightly the developers' priority and so the fighting engine won't be an ultra-complex alogrithm.
- As of February 2012, it was unclear whether individually assignable player tactics would feature in game.
- A "don't fire me option" will be included.
- A hidden Coachability attribute will be assigned to each player to determin how effectively a player follow the input of his coach. This attribute will be used during both training and games. A player with a higher coachability attribute will respond/improve better during training and will follow the tactics more accurately during games.
- It will be possible for a player to acquire a new nationality.
- As of February 2012, the game doesn't use player/staff language knowledge. However, the players' Adaptability attribute will determine how well/quickly the player adapts to a new country.
- It might be possible in the first version to lure coaches/scouts away from their teams. If the coach/scout does not get the chance to accept a new (better) job, his contentment should decrease and it will be harder to renew his contract.
- Ticket price / arena management will not feature in the future version. It might feature in a later version.
- Dynamic team rivalry is something the developers have thought about, but it is unlikely to feature in the first version.
- The match engine will take into account home ice advantage and a team's fan support.
- The game will not have a network mode where people connect and play a multiplayer game. The game will implement online leagues in a very similar way to OOTP. The initial version might not be that deep, but the plan is to develop it to ultimately be on a par with OOTP 13+.
Also the OOTP forums.

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