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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
As an old-timer, my story is different than most here.

When I was about 10, I happened upon a hockey game on Channel 9 on a Saturday night. I was fascinated by it. Every Saturday I would watch another game. At that time there were only 6 teams, so I got to know every roster very quickly.

For a month or two, I was a Montreal fan, because they were amazing to watch. Seeing guys like Beliveau made me understand the beauty and skill of the game.

Soon, because I saw the Rangers every week, my allegiance switched to the home team, and it was a player by the name of Phil Goyette (the closest thing we had to Beliveau) who made me appreciate that hockey had a quality about it that I had never seen before, or since.

Thank you, Phil Goyette, for making me understand that hockey could stir me like no other sport can.
Kind of ditto, except I always appreciated the greatness of Montreal, the same way you appreciated the Yankees; in their heyday, the class of the league. But I got into the game during mid late 60s, and then we got better.

Douglas Bradford Park and Ratelle were my heroes, along with Gilbert, and hard working Walter 'Tate-chuk' as he was originally called. Loved Eddie, Eddie, but thought Villemure was actually our better netminder most games.

I remember Ch. 9, and some of those great commercials, too: Schaefer beer; Eastern, the wings of man...

don't get me started!

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