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Originally Posted by Haggard View Post
I always wondered if you said something incredibly racist or sexist to them right off the bat if they would exclude you from jury duty. Also, how does one get selected? I have never been selected, but have heard of a few people that have been picked a couple of times
Once you pay taxes or register for ID, your name goes into a database.

You get something in the mail with a number telling you to call a hotline on a certain day. Most of the time, the number says it's off and you're off the hook. If it's on, you show up where you're asked to and sit around all day waiting. I've never been past that point.

IIRC, they don't really interview you at that stage. So saying something sexist or racist is not going to help. If you no-show, they will issue a warrant for your arrest.

Work is, to my knowledge, never an acceptable reason to miss jury duty, but workplaces are not allowed to fire employees who are missing work because of jury duty.

I wish they'd tell you what trial you were going to be a part.
They likely need to pull multiple jury's out of a large pile. It could one of two or three cases.

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