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09-15-2012, 09:28 PM
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I'll throw my idea in, obviously not a complete idea, but it is what it is:

No salary rollbacks, keep the cap at whatever it was this past season and keep it fixed permanently, lower it slightly to allow teams struggling to have an easier time reaching the cap.

This way, assuming revenues grow, the players piece of the pie is lowered gradually from 57%. After so many years of revenue growth, it should be down to 50%. Once that happens, then excess $$$ from revenue is pooled into one large sum and distributed evenly to all 30 teams. Owners and GM's can then use the money they receive to give to the players as they see fit but all the money MUST be given to the players and every player must receive some % of the money.

Allow players to negotiate their contracts to allow them to receive a fixed percentage of that excess revenue money. for example:

Say the excess revenue for the year is $300 million (I just pulled that out of my ass, I doubt it would ever be that high), thus every team receives an extra $10 million to give to the players. Player A can negotiate his contract to receive 5% of that money, or an extra $500,000. This money would not count against the cap.

This could also allow GM's to use this as a sort of cap circumvention technique. They could sign players to say 5 years, $20 million dollar contracts for a cap hit of only 4 million, but give the player 15% of the excess revenue money. The player still gets guaranteed money, but also could make more depending on how much excess revenue there is.

anyways that's my idea, flame it as you see fit.

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