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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
If this were NHL ice, then Perry sure! Big ice? No! I think he takes too many penalties, and even worse too many dumb penalties. Hey I'm not in the Perry camp! you are! that's fine. Like I said, 20 million hockey fans in Canada you'll get 20 million opinions. Perron is a better than decent player, can play either side LW/RW is a better skater, better defensive player and in a year and a half his stats should be equal to Perry's stats...making him a better fit on my Team Canada. When stats are equal, I'll always opt for the younger, faster, better defensively and all round better player. If Perry is not a 40 goal 40 assist player come selection time, then Team Canada should move on.
The discussion is about today, and not a year and a half from now. Nobody knows what can happen in a year and a half. As of right now, Perry should be on the team. Forget about Perron. I have others rated ahead of him, and the guy's track record is nowhere near Perry's. We agree to disagree. Perry is 27 years old. He is not an old guy by any means. I have seen Perry at his best, and people make it seem like he is a nobody. I guess people forgot about 2010. Go watch some of the games and how well Perry played in Vancouver. He has played on the big ice before, and was arguably Canada's best player in the 2010 World Hockey Championships on the BIG ICE. Go watch the 2010 WHC again. Canada finished 7th, but Perry and John Tavares were the best players, and the leading goal scorers for the team two years ago, with Perry being second to Tavares. On the big ice, he might not be the fastest skater, but by no means is he a liability.

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