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09-15-2012, 11:09 PM
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Originally Posted by TrueCanuckle View Post
i'll most likely get bashed for this.



Toronto's 3rd
Vancouver's 1st
Vancouver's 1st
Other than the fact that Weber can't be traded, which makes this thread irrelevant but anyways.

From each teams perspective.

VAN: Ballard, Schroeder, 2 1sts for Weber.
TOR: Gardiner and a 3rd for Luongo
NSH: Weber for all that.

Now I can see VAN and NSH liking the deal, but why would Toronto do this? Hell, if they really wanted Luongo, I'm sure they would've traded Gardiner to the Canucks already, for that reason, this deal doesn't make sense.

Maybe if you restructured the Toronto part. Maybe they add a forward prospect and a lesser D instead. Like if it was Bozak+Franson, and a second. That'll make more sense, but I doubt Nashville would like that. Take out Schroeder and a first and add in Booth or someone proven like that, then I can see Nashville doing it. Change it to NSH getting...Bozak/Kadri, Booth, Franson (or similar guy), Ballard, 1st and a 3rd and that's a pretty fair deal.

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