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Originally Posted by joe89 View Post
1. If you can't, don't. Not hard. Where's the responsibility for your own actions?
2. With two players on average per team, what's the difference from when Hlavac and Hlinka join LHC mid-season? I didn't see the complains when two money-playing Czechs took ice time from young players. Isn't it rather beneficiary to train and play with NHLers?

Swedish hockey in general.
Cons: Minutes taken away from young players. Economy(?).
Pros: Training with the best. More people going to the arenas. More casual followers and TV/Internet subscriptions sold=More money to the league and clubs.
1. If you have to take risks in order to keep up, you have too. Make or break.
2. Hlavac and Hlinka are expected, they already have their spot on the team and their salaries are already considered in LHCs budget.
The economy is really the main thing here. The teams are already built. Increasing player salaries now most likely means you'll end up with a big fat - at the end of the year. And how much would the insurance for the NHL-players cost?

Training with the best, really? I think you benefit quite more from actually playing games. SEL-players practicing harder than NHL-players is not that unusual either. Besides, juniors would probably be playing in J20.

"More people going to the arenas."
I honestly don't belive it would make such a big difference. Maybe for a couple of games, but then it would all go back to depend on the teams performance. I've heard some say it would mean sold out crowds for the entire league, which is a pretty ridiculous statement. Last time the attendence for some teams even sank.

"More casual followers and TV/Internet subscriptions sold=More money to the league and clubs."
Does it even work that way? I'm asking because I have no idea, I thought the tv-contract was a set sum.

The problem here is just that teams who risk going to kvalserien/miss the playoffs want to take the risk while clubs who are satisfied with their teams don't.

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