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09-16-2012, 06:52 AM
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Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post

Nathan Beaulieu


Richard Bachman
Austin Smith
2013 3rd Round Pick (Upgraded to 2nd if Bachman plays 20% of Games in 2012-13)

Why Dallas Does This - With a glut of NHL ready goaltenders (Lehtonen, Bachman, Nihlstrop), we can afford to trade one and actually benefit from it. If Nihlstrop proves himself to be a capable NHL back-up and can even beat out Bachman, I could definitely see him being traded sometime this season (trade deadline, maybe a bit earlier). With Bachman gone and Nihlstrop with the big club, Campbell would be able to get as much playing time in the AHL as seen fit, with Besko filling in if needed. Also, while our defense prospects are pretty solid, we add a great offensive defenseman to strengthen an already deep pool. A guy along the lines of Rundblad, Beaulieu, etc. would set us up for a very strong future on the back end IMO.

Why Montreal Does This - Montreal gets their back-up for the future, as Bachman could step in immediately and lessen the massive load Price carries while still having the potential to get better. Bachman could end up being a starter, but I think he'll excel in a position like he'd be in at Montreal. Obviously, Beaulieu is a better prospect than Bachman, so Montreal also receives a forward prospect who could be a solid bottom 6er for a while and a decent pick. Beaulieu's also expendable due to how deep Montreal is all across the board on defense.

So both teams fill a want (not really sure I'd call either a need) while dealing from a position of strength. Added a bit to even out the value.

I think you missed your calling as a stand-up comedian.

Nothing is guaranteed with Beaulieu but he is projected to be #2-3 PMD. And for this you're telling the Habs to rummage through your garbage can and see what they can find in there. This is hysterical.

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