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09-16-2012, 08:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Quattro View Post
Srsly? 3 lockouts under one commissioner is unprecedented incompetence. No other commissioner in sports history comes close in that regard.

And loljustlol at whoever said this is 90% on the players. I'd say 80-90% on the owners. For f's sake, they are still signing guys to giant contracts minutes before voting to lock out
You think Bettman is driving the owner's wishes? "Srsly?"

Perhaps you are misplacing blame for the owner's original offer, which was ridiculous on its face. Bettman has nothing to gain by the owner's position. The relationship between the owners and the players is the collective personalities of the owners in this particular league, and has nothing to do with the commissioner.

The commissioner is an easy target and again I just think its totally visceral. You guys are laying blame at the wrong guy's feet simply because you don't like the guy.

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