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09-16-2012, 09:25 AM
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Originally Posted by RAZZIE King View Post
If the NHL would have hired a HOCKEY man instead of Basketball Jones...I doubt that we would have had ONE lockout...let alone three...
Not sure if its putting too much emphasis on one single guy

Bettman talks for the owners but ultimately all the owners are rich and very savvy multi-million or multi-billionaires. Most of the owners are successful businessmen and they know what it takes to make good business. I don't think Bettman going behind the scene and telling them what to do will fly if the owners don't believe it in the first place

The players on the other hand are much more susceptible to getting manipulated IMO. Lets face it, they are great athletes but most of them don't know first thing about business. So they rely on Union and Agents to "tell" them how much they are gaining or losing from very complicated proposals.

To be honest I'm more scared of Agents than Bettman. They have much to gain or lose from commission and little to lose from player getting locked out. They will whisper behind players ears to fight out the owners to the end

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