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09-16-2012, 08:41 AM
Not so fast,
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I haven't heard or seen anything that would make me consider the Prius a "death trap." Air bags everywhere, lot of space in the crumple zone. Death trap is a Geo metro, a Ford Pinto, etc.

Even the Smart Cars have lots of technology that makes them safer than one would assume based only upon size.

When you get in an accident with a behemoth truck or SUV, just about any smaller vehicle could be considered a death trap. Perhaps with the issues about oil and gas prices, more people should consider driving what they need rather than getting something huge. I do understand needing a larger vehicle - but so many of the people I know who drive these large vehicles don't use them for anything other than commuting to work. If you drive a huge truck and tell me that you need it because you have to be able to "move stuff" and put huge loads in the back but your entire truck (including the bed) is in pristine condition, I don't think you're driving it b/c you are using the hauling capabilities...

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