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09-16-2012, 10:55 AM
Ducks tank is on!
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Surprisingly cheap. Very slightly more than he's worth now, but the contract won't even start for another year. By that time he will probably be worth 4,000,000 dollars. So great contract.

OTH (Debbie Downer mode), it's not highway robbery like Carlson's contract, which has better term, value, and risk.

I think this continues the pattern. Murray does buy into the whole young player speculative contract thing. He's done it a number of times now. Sbisa, Cogliano, Fowler, the 1-way extra year messes. Contracts like these can be risky. You gamble right and you get a bargain. You gamble wrong and you get an albatross. It depends on how much you trust Murray to guess right.

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