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09-16-2012, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Trufflepig View Post
I agree, I hope that he has a awful time, but I doubt he will. Thats a pretty sweet situation for him to be able to play in his hometown and make great money. Im sure he feels comfortable going there to play.

On the other hand, yes he is 18. That could work against us. At the same time if he's anything like I was when I was 18, or the majority of 18 year olds I knew, he probably wants to play on the biggest stage if he can, and that is still the NHL.

He's also a first overall pick, those guys are usually pretty competitive. I'm sure that he wants to play against the best, and that will still be here. So I'm not too worried about him staying there.

As a player with a signed NHL contract, he can only make 65% of his NHL contract in the KHL as per the rules regarding signing locked out players. The KHL announced those rules last week. Anyone thinking that Yak will be staying in the KHL is kidding themselves. Stop the Russian conspiracy factor nonsense.

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