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09-16-2012, 11:43 AM
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[QUOTE=espo;54363533] Sorry about this MR Writer, this was meant in response to sentinel but I had hit your post by mistake and the system here won't let me change it.

Aoligies all around.

Originally Posted by espo View Post
When did I make that argument?

It's YOU who made the argument we have only won in 72 and 2002.

And yes, I agree with you that Russia won't win in Sochi, they simply aren't strong or skilled enough to do so but even if they do so what?

It's at doesn't count according to your theory.

I'm glad we have that cleared up.
Agreed with that sentiment...

Oh and it's good to know, that anything won on home soil doesn't count. From here on in we'll only count those gold medals won away from home... looks as though Canada as a few freebie tournaments coming up in the next few years. World Jrs in doesn't count. U18 in Sochi, it doesn't count.. 2014 Olympics doesn't count. Russia could run the table in the next few years and our argument will be it doesn't count. It's at home.

That argument "only winning at home" is as nonsensical as me saying The Canada-Slovak result from last year's WHC doesn't count because I had a bad tuna fish sandwich for lunch that day....

Really, the nonsense they come up with... it just cracks me up!

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