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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Not everyone starts at that. Most start at 45k. To get 55k you need be lucky or willing to relocate. I'm not done by undergrad but my sis finished last year. She had a high GPA but had tough time finding a job despite being fluent billingual, had an internship and a lot of work experience. When she finally found a job, she found 2 in the same week, the one she actually wanted paid more at 45k. It took her about 4 months to find a job in montreal but she did got on vaca for a bit. She's in civil btw.
I don't where she is working, but I'm obviously talking about the private sector, the real minimum you can get in the field is 39 000, at the MTQ.

Maybe it's because all engineers I know are working within the private sector in structural engineering in engineering firms, but I've talking about it and I know the starting salary there is a lot higher than 45K. Also, in Hydro-Quebec it's around 60K. I don't know, but all my friends have found a job with no time here, maybe there is less need for new civil engineer where she live ?

Especially since every web sites are saying that there is still a need and the chances of peoples finding jobs is good.

From where she got her degree ?

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