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05-05-2006, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by sXe
I don't mind these kind of threads but they are still as pointless as you can get.

Saying signing Redden is a priority is not only false but it isn't even on the radar of BG at this moment. It will probaby stay that way once he is aware of what it would cost to get him.

You can make trades saying I want x player to sign here all day long but it won't change the fact we need to offer more to get them here, then add more money to compensate for taxes and we need that player to want to play here.

I figure this is all in good fun but I have seen this so many times it's getting redundant. People start throwing names we could have and it becomes people we should have and the borad becomes a whinning fest of Gainey can't do his job because he didn't get X player.

Not directing this at you, your post are very good but I just know in august and september I'll have to run around and tell everyone to calm down and not expect the moon in terms of UFAs, so I'm getting a head start.
I think you are right, but personally, I like discussing these types of things. Speculation is fun within reason and mobile all around defensemen is my favorite kind of player, by far. It isnt a top priority per se, its mine. And I think you know I wont be whining if Gainey doenst sign anyone, I rarely do, even for trades. So I'm with you on this one, but partly .

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