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09-16-2012, 03:54 PM
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Good lord I can't stand the NY Giants and everyone involved with that organization. My disdain for them starts because they're a NY's a bias I know, but I don't like NY teams.

And then add on top of that everyone believes that Eli Manning is the best QB going and better than Peyton, just because he has two SB rings. Eli WISHES he could be HALF the QB that Peyton is, just because his team goes on hot streaks at the right time, doesn't mean that he's the reason behind it. I am sick and f'ing tired of watching Eli just chuck the ball up and hope that one of his receivers come down with it.

Secondly...Tom Coughlin. Oh this POS is something else. So, Matt Dodge, punter, last year in the NYG/PHI game he punts and DeSean Jackson returns it for a TD. Coughlin IMMEDIATELY throws his Punter under the bus. "Why did he punt it to him?" Well, how about the OTHER GUYS ON THE FIELD? Are they immune to this guy's wrath? Apparently. It's much more convenient to just take a rookie and throw him down.

Then today's stupid actions. Yeah, let's yell at Schiano because his team is still trying until the end of the game. TB has every right to be upset at losing this game. I still am not sure how they ended up ruling Mike Williams out with that catch at the end of the game. He caught it and came down, took 2 steps and then was knocked out of bounds...

Stay Classy Tom Coughlin and the NY Giants.

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