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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
Rant(s) deleted. I must say, though, that I would have thought that Kentucky-WKU, Arkansas-ULM, and Vanderbilt-Northwestern would have taught a few hard lessons to the SEC-conference-only-fan lunatic fringe by now.

Nobody rational is going to deny that Bama and LSU are awesome. But the rest of the conference is presently largely irrelevant and the East is utter crap this year. Deal with it and move on.
the east is utterly crap? Georgia at #5, South Carolina at #7, Florida at #14. Tennessee was just bumped out of the top 25 due to a tough loss against Florida.

i'm gonna assume you are a Big 10 fan? since you have ties with CBJ (Ohio St?) .. but honestly there is not ONE conference in CFB that holds a candle to the SEC, period. anyone stating otherwise is just tired of the SEC dominating. similar to the wings in the NHL.

we heard the same blah blah... Bama and LSU are great but everyone else is weak last year, too.

Final Rankings last year: Bama #1, LSU #2, Arkansas #5, South Carolina #9, Georgia #19. 5 teams in the top 25 as well as Auburn just missing the top 25 after playing LSU, Bama, Arkansas in ONE season.

this year rankings as of today: Bama #1, LSU #2, Georgia #5, South Carolina #7, Florida #14, Mississippi State #23.

looks awful similar in terms of strength as last year and we heard the same B.S all last year. until someone knocks the SEC off the top, get over it.

and as far as the Arkansas - ULM comments, Arkansas was down a starting QB, RB, and defensive back as well. they were winning i believe 28-7 when injured. the hogs arent as strong as in years past but they would still lay a smack down on any middle-weight from the big 12, big 10, or pac 12

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