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Originally Posted by Lundface View Post
Lundqvist, Quick Thomas and Rinne are all clearly better.

Luongo is then in the next tier with a bunch of other guys. Elite are those 4 goalies, Luongo has slipped out of that group IMO.
Clearly better?

Thomas in 2011-12 - No (Thomas in 2010-11 - Yes.)
Rinne - No
Quick - 2011-12 yes, 2010-11 no
Lunqvist - 2011-12 yes, 2010-11 no

I'm pretty sure if Luongo played for another team exactly the same way he played for us, their Luongo would be clearly better in the eyes of some. Even last year Luongo only had one bad month October .869 which I'm prepared to ignore as the whole team played garbage. The rest - .924 .928 .932 .928 .921 - elite numbers and incredible consistency. His 2010-11 numbers are even freakier .907 .914 .922 .947 .923 .942, not bad considering the slow start from changing his style that year. Not to mention doing this in a in a system that bleeds high quality shots against.

But Luongo is inconsistent trash, everyone knows this........

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