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09-16-2012, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by BobbyJet View Post
/\ Expected? Not from me. The NHL has proven in the past that they are no-nonsense negotiators. By letting the Sept 15 deadline come and go spells to me that the NHLPA has fallen into the same trap as 2004 and have failed to learn from that experience. I'd like to think we won't have a lost season again, but I'm not optimistic at this time. Fehr came in thinking his past experience would make this a cake-walk and was cocky enough to wait until late June before beginning talks. A huge mistake that won't get rectified unless Fehr wakes up and realizes that he needs to compromise and quickly. The longer this goes, the worse it will be for the players.
The problems being faced during this CBA negotiation are nowhere near as impactful as the problems faced last time. This has been talked about all summer by people with insight to the negotiations and with an understanding of what both parties want/feel they need. There was always hope the NHL and NHLPA would come together and get it done, but the expectation was always this: A lockout and a lockout that should not consume the entire NHL season.

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