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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Perhaps if you understood advanced statistics you wouldn't come up with absurd statements like that.

When Kesler was put on the top PP unit, under Newell Brown, the PP took off. You can't directly attribute the PP's success to just Edler, especially when Ehrhoff played a huge role in its success when he was here too.

It isn't a hate for Swedish players at all. The fact you even mention that is completely strawman and tells me that you don't have any actual factual evidence that supports your side, and that you can't refute my points so you have to resort to sheer nonsense. Edler isn't our top defenseman, nor should he be paid $6M. Edler is a very good defenseman with the potential to be a top defenseman, but until he reaches that potential he shouldn't be compensated as one.

Offensively he isn't generating as much offense at even strength as some of our other players, like Kevin Bieksa, in sheltered minutes. Not to mention, defensively he hasn't been as good as Bieksa. So why should he be paid much more than Bieksa? How much is that potential really worth from a monitary standpoint? These are the arguments here and has nothing to do with nationality.
When Kesler and EDLER was put on the top unit it took off.

I understand advanced stats , you dont seem to. Edler produces more offense on the PP, and about eqaully at even strength.

Quote from opendoor:

Not to mention the distinction you're making doesn't really exist. Over the past 3 seasons here's Bieksa and Edler's ES production:
Bieksa: .34 pts/g
Edler: .31 pts/g
So that's a difference of about 2 points over a season. Now compare their PP production:
Edler: 4.95 pts/60 min
Bieksa: 2.97 pts/60 min

My point about Bitz shooting percantage is that you cant take on stat in one season (evenstrengt points in your case) and base an argument around it, that if anything is a straw man.

Edler has scored more points in a Season than Bieksa ever has, he scores more on PP, IMO that make him a better offensive player. But no evenstrengt points is more important right
Ian White had more Evenstrengt points than Nik Lidstrom, so I guess he is a better offensive player

Im not saying Edler should be paid 6 million Im saying he is better offensevly than Bieksa. Bieksa is a good d-man defensevly when he plays with Hamhuis or Mitchell, before he found chemistry with Hamhuis this board wanted to trade him for a 4th round pick.

By the way I really like Bieksa as player, but I think hes not suited as a PP point man, hes to much off a freelancer that gets out of sync with the rest off unit, Edler is smarter in that sense thats why he works better with the Sedins on the top PP unit.

Anyway Im done discussing this.

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