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09-16-2012, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by bigd View Post
Guys on ELC's can't be claimed but there are some pretty good players that have been waived that under normal circumstances, I think, would be claimed. So why is it that no team has claimed anyone? They don't have to pay them until the season starts and then they only have to keep them for 30 days. I understand a team wanting to get their own players down and get them playing but if you have a chance to cherry pick another teams good player why wouldn't you? Because owners agreed not to? Colusion!
Based on that logic, not sending an offer sheet for Subban or whomever is collusion.

It's more of an unwritten law, you claim their player when you're not supposed to and they'll claim yours.

Dammit people know what collusion is and are gonna apply that to everything now because it's their new word. It's like when anyone signs a long term deal now and people cry cap circumvention all over again.

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