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09-16-2012, 06:45 PM
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For the first trade, I think a lot of people saw it as an awful trade at the time. In theory, it wasn't too bad of an idea to start with. "Hey, we need another top line player to go with Nash so we can improve and make the playoffs. I think we can replace Voracek with the guy we're getting back and we can afford to trade away our 8th overall pick because we're trying to make a push now and it's unlikely the guy we find at 8th overall will be an impact player next year."

That's all solid reasoning. I like it. It may have worked if they targeted a different player than Carter, perhaps Mike Richards would have been a phenomenal target. Heck, even someone like Paul Stastny who has been rumored to be on the trading block since forever would have been a decent target - probably would have been much cheaper than Carter too.

Problems with Carter:

- Shoot first center. Why would you think he'd work well with a shoot first winger? (Yes, I know both Carter and Nash have decent playmaking skills and can make a beautiful pass in a pinch. That doesn't change their nature, which is to shoot the puck when they get anything close to a decent opportunity)

- His last 4 seasons (before this year) had stat lines of 53p, 84p, 61p, 66p. Aside from one year where he had an abnormally high shooting percentage (relative to all of his other years), he's been nothing more than a 35g-30a player. That's good, but how big of an improvement is that on Voracek? About 15 goals? Do you sacrifice a top-10 pick for 15 goals?

- If you look at the top-10, there were a lot of pretty awesome picks, even if Couturier didn't drop. Hamilton, Siemens and Murphy would be the caliber of prospect you're trading away. If you're giving up one of those guys, you have to be making a vast improvement over Voracek (which Carter wasn't).

Good rationale for needing a trade and good selection of what assets to trade away but an exceedingly poor target to acquire.

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