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Originally Posted by PolkaDave View Post
I actually thought I was really well-informed about all this until this super basic idea popped in the top of my head...

Why do the players get ANY revenue? They are employees of the NHL/Team/Owner... If I worked at Walmart, I don't get 56% revenue shared between me and the rest of the employees. I make 15$ an hour not matter what. If Walmart makes $100 Billion this year, they won't give me 25$ an hour, I will still get 15$. Should they be happy they get ANYTHING?
Well, before the cap came in, they did just get their "$15 an hour". It's just that all their "$15 dollars an Hour" together made up about 70% of the NHL revenue. So the owners fought for cost certainty (linking revenue with players wages), an voila. Now that the owners have their cap with cost certainty, they are stuck arguing about shares of the revenue.

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