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09-16-2012, 07:15 PM
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Originally Posted by ozo View Post
Nothing would please me more than seeing Ukrainian hockey prospering, but lets not pretend that few months of a NHL lockout will fix everything that has gone wrong in past 20 years with Ukrainian hockey like Helo is making it sound. No offence to him, but dude sometimes really needs a reality check.

Both Mikhnov brothers visiting Berkut's hockey school is doing more good to the Ukrainian hockey than anything Fedotenko and Ponikarovsky will put on board in Olympic qualifiers or WC in the spring. Though is Donbass milks it right and lock-out goes on for a while, both NHL'ers could possibly bring more media attention to the game of hockey than it would of have without them.
I don't think I'm making any leaps of faith by saying having them on the WC roster would help get us out of Div IB into IA. Nobody's saying all the problems will be fixed over night, but it'd be nice to be back to our old problems (stuck on the outside of the real WC) and out of our new problems (like being worse than South Korea)

Both Mikhnov brothers visiting Berkut's hockey school
When did this happen?

Originally Posted by smitty10 View Post
I think people are more excited about Fedotenko and Ponikarovsky because it shows that hockey in Ukraine is heading in the right direction and that the process of repairing the development program is finally underway. They may not accomplish a ton on the ice, but their return and willingness to be a part of this program is inspiring in itself.

Also great to hear about the Mikhnov's showing up in Kiev and attending some stuff for Berkut. Alexei is probably the best Ukrainian to come through the system in recent years and Andrei has been a National Team member for years. If all goes well Ukraine will take another step and Berkut will join the KHL or VHL next season and will create rivalry amongst the Ukrainian teams and improve the state of hockey in Kiev. A jump back to the second division for the NT will help the progression as well.

All the wrong of the past 20+ years won't be fixed in a couple years, but it's encouraging to see so many improvements and so much dedication to the revival of the sport in Ukraine. This is good reason for people to get excited about the future, and even to some extent, to the present situation of hockey there.

Good poast.

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