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12-05-2003, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by dawgbone
I said if you have players who won't listen to a coach, you can fire the coach, but it doesn't mean the player is going to change in the long run.
Here is where I have a problem with your defense. Certain players react better to certain motivational techniques. That is a fact. Some guys need to be yelled at, some guys need to be left alone. Sometimes ou have to get guys good and mad; every player is different. And if you think The style of the coach has nothing to do with the players you're just being naive.

Exhibit A: Dave Lewis vs. Scott Bowman and Sergei Federov. Two different coaches entirely different players. With Bowman constantly on him Federov became one of the more dynamic 2 way forwards in the game. With Lewis laying back, Federov was noticeably off.

Exhibit B: Jacques Demers vs. Mario Tremblay and Patrick Roy. Jacques lets Patrick do his own thing and march to his own drummer. Result Stanley Cup run of 93. Tremblay gets in, screams, yells and embarasses Patrick. Result Patrick gone and a long slide for the Habs begins.

Now imagine if instead of 1 or 2 guys this is like 8 or 10. At that point the problem IS the coach. Not saying this is specifically the case in Edmonton, but it does happen in the NHL and players can change both for good or ill under different kinds of coaching.

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