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09-16-2012, 09:20 PM
Kyle McMahon
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Originally Posted by Fish on The Sand View Post
I don't think Reed is the problem. Its pretty hard to look like a good coach when your offence couldn't score against a free hooker. Tillman is obviously the problem. He traded a top 2 qb in the league for a terrible quicker and a terrible qb, and then lost a 1000 yard receiver to free agency. Its quite obvious Tillman is at fault for this. Suddenly my 5-13 prediction doesn't look so bad.
Tillman has provided excellent personnel in almost all positions. There are no weaknesses at all on the defensive side of the ball. The receiving corps is more than adequate, and Reed has not one, not two, but THREE capable running backs at his disposal. The only suspect positions are QB and the O-line. They were both problematic last year, and the team managed 11-7. No reason the shouldn't have matched that record this year.

People love to blame Jyles and Joseph, and make no mistake, they have not been good enough. But there are few if any losses that it can be said Ray would have won the game had he been at QB instead. The last three losses are 100% on the coaching staff. Edmonton gets outcoached by increasingly large margins as the season has gone on.

Despite clearly being built as a run-first team, the Eskimos do not run at all. No effort to establish a running game in any game they've lost this year. When the Eskimos rush at least 20 times, they're pretty much undefeated the last two seasons, but Crandall and Reed refuse to run the ball. It makes no sense at all.

Time count violations, procedure calls, illegal formations, too many men calls have plagued them for a month now. These penalties are coaching problems. We had two kickers on the field at one point yesterday. We had 0 on an attempted punt later on. On the idiotic 3rd and 2 gamble on our own 20, everyone on the field was confused and had no idea what to do since the play didn't get signalled in until the play clock was down to 5 seconds.

We have a kicker with a leg to hit 60 yard field goals, but have repeatedly punted from less than 50 this year. Return men have received no instruction of whether or not to run balls out of the endzone on kickoffs and punts at crucial times this year. We traded for a new punter (this was stupid on Tillman's part), and instead continued to use Shaw on punts and threw the new guy out for a long FG on a whim. We've dressed 4 running backs for a game and gave them each two carries.

Coaching has been a complete and utter disaster during the last five games. Both losses to Calgary that have proven to be the turning point in the season can be placed squarely on the shoulders of Marcus Crandell and Kavis Reed. Crandell should have been gone last year. Reed chose to keep his incompetent buddy around, and AFAIC they can both get the gas at this point.

That 5-13 prediction was looking pretty stupid when the team was 5-3....but you may yet prove correct, that's how unbelievably inept this team looks. But I disagree on who the main problem has been between Tillman, Reed, and the players.

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